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Afterlife Communication
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Dr. Sandhi Lynn

Sedona, Arizona


"There is no death.  Only a change of worlds."    ~ Chief Seattle

I am a Spiritual Intuitive Medium (AfterLife Communicator) and hold a Doctorate in spiritual studies - I am in essence a spiritual doctor, my work focusing on spiritual healing of the heart and spirit after loved ones have crossed over to the Otherside. I tend to the healing of the spirit through the God-given gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience combined with compassion, empathy and understanding. My intent is to provide individuals with comforting evidence of the continued existence of their loved ones who have passed. I am trained Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Educator and Ordained Interfaith Minister. I consider myself a "Compassionate Channel," helping to facilitate the healing of the heart and soul that afterlife communication can help to facilitate. My method of afterlife communication is one that centers on channeling loving and compassionate messages that help to validate the continued presence of your loved ones who have crossed and are now enveloped in the divine light, and are watching over you.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medical doctor, psychological clinician nor psychological counselor. My doctorate is theological in nature and my expertise is in universal spirituality and metaphysics. If you are searching for or feel the need for professional grief counseling or other mental or physical support to cope with grief or loss, please contact a professional medical practitioner. Readings from a medium should never replace professional or medical health support.

  Not only do our human loved ones come through during the readings,
  but sometimes our animal loved ones in spirit come through as well.

As a Spiritual Medium, it is my joy and honor to work with those on the Otherside to bring messages of comfort and peace from loved ones who have passed for the benefit of those in this world. I connect with both human loved ones and animal family members who are now in the angelic realms of Heaven. For our animal loved ones are there watching over us as well. 


Each reading, whether for a private individual, group or audience, is given my full attention. For several hours before a reading, I turn off all electronics and begin a period of quiet meditation. In this receptive state, I begin to ask my own guardians, guides and angels who help to facilitate this work, to bring forth those loved ones in spirit wishing to connect through love, with love and for love for the help and healing of those left behind. I make notes from what I receive during this pre-read time, and thus, I am known as a 'Pre-Read Medium.' Generally I connect with your loved ones before I connect with you.

This is sacred work and I tend to it from a deep place of sincerity, reverence, kindness and compassion. It is my hope that you, dear one, receive something from a reading that will bring you peace, knowing that your loved one is still with you, loving you still and watching over you with pure, loving energy. You are surrounded by their compassionate spirit and are never truly alone. And all is truly well.